The People’s Congress

The People’s Congress is a network of volunteers that closely follows and interacts daily with US Senators and Congressmen and their staff to build the debt repayment plan and pressure representatives for decisive action. The People’s Congress:

  • Documents, analyzes, summarizes and publishes the spending voting record of each federal elected representative
  • Communicates with elected federal representatives and their staff to develop a comprehensive federal debt elimination plan and influence the outcome of important upcoming votes that spend federal dollars
  • Tracks the action of federal elected representatives against their commitments to federal debt reduction
  • Analyzes the federal budget, makes sensible recommendations for change and communicates those recommendations to each elected representative and more widely to the American public
  • Coordinates local and community activities with volunteers working on Demand a Plan

You don’t need to be an expert political activist in order to be a part of The People’s Congress. You can make a difference simply by investing a few hours whenever you can. In order to volunteer, please send a note to and one of our volunteers will let you know the specific activities that you can perform for your federal congressional district based on the amount of time that you have available.

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