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What Can You Do?

Ask John Kennedy stated during his Presidential inaugural address “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Now, more than ever, America needs you. She needs your time, your money and, most of all, your love and passion. This is a new kind of war – a civil war of world views and ideologies fought in the information age against an unethical irresponsible government more powerful than anything the world has ever seen.

It’s a war for the minds of our children and the next generation of leaders of our nation. It’s a war for your freedom and your soul, a war for the very definition of who we are as people and as a nation. Are we willing to personally defend and help the poor and underprivileged? Will we fight with all of our might to control our own destiny, and not be content leaving it in the hands of a few hundred career politicians in Washington. Will we fight the evils of unending government control, overspending and ‘social transformation’ with our our free time, our reputations, our very lives and fortunes?

Do we really believe that We the People rule our nation? If so, then let’s rule! Get up off your sofa, stop taking political sides and watching the collapse of our country from the stands and get out there, make a real difference in your neighborhood, school or company and fight with us for all that it’s worth! Some will call us radicals, others unrealistic dreamers and still others libertarians, capitalist pigs or fear mongers. What we are called matters not. The only thing that matters right now is urgent action that proves that We the People can once again rule ourselves and restore the dignity and future of each and every American citizen!

Join our army, become a patriot, dream a new America, care for each other, fight the good fight, keep the faith.

Steps to Joining the Revolution

  1. Register on The Next American Revolution web site. Be sure to include the level of participation that you want to commit to (revolutionary, patriot or supporter), as well as your special interest areas.
  2. Explore the forums related to each thread of the revolution process. Read what other Americans are thinking, post your ideas and suggestions and ask questions.
  3. Visit the community area. Join a group in your neighborhood or around a special interest area. Create network of friends who can help you improve your reach, build important skills, and grow your confidence.
  4. Share this site with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  5. Select one or more areas of interest or passion where you would like to get engaged (education, political process, convention of states, etc.) and begin to take action. Report your action and results back to the community through the forums and groups.

We support only fully lawful means to accomplish our objectives do not support, condone or promote the use of violence or force to challenge, disrupt or overthrow any government, government agency or their agents.

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