Overview of The Revolution

Free Ourselves from The Government

Our governments will not voluntarily release us from their ever tightening vice-like grip. Electing more politicians of your political persuasion will not make much of a difference. Almost all of them become the same once they get there. Only collapse or peaceful revolution can urgently drive the need for change, but our revolution must be completely legal, and without any violence or ill will of any kind. On the contrary, only a peaceful, positive revolution that ultimately strips the federal government of its abuse of power through legitimate legislative means can work.

Because We the People have voluntarily surrendered our republic and become a socialist democracy, our power-hungry politicians seeking long profitable careers in government are rewarded with re-election and long terms in office when they bring more money and programs to their states, congressional districts and communities. Headlines flood the newspapers broadcasting what a great job so and so is doing representing us by bringing back ‘Washington money’ to help our local communities.

There are two key problems with this ecosystem. 1) According to the Constitution and reinforced by history, it is not the proper role of government to provide for either our general needs (including food, shelter, health care, etc.) or our local facilities and affairs. 2) We simply cannot afford any more of it financially. Period.

Since the politicians leading our governments will not voluntarily fix our financial bankruptcy by immediately and dramatically trimming social programs, foreign aid and areas where government has no business spending any money at all, we must do it for them by creating our own solutions to the current welfare state. They are cowards. We are The People, and we already have as much power as we need to fix America, God willing. We just don’t realize it. America is a resourceful nation and we have enough fire, passion, compassion and financial resources to take back the country on our own – with or without the permission of the political class and other powerful elites. This is the Next American Revolution.

Strategy for the Revolution

The Next American Revolution will focus on disempowering large government programs by replacing them with solutions that We The People create, completely independent of government control, influence and intrusion. We can dismantle these ineffective government monstrosities, not just with suitable replacements, but with superior, lasting solutions. We know how to help the poor and underprivileged better than the government does. We know how to create new jobs better than the government does. We know how to provide health care for those that cannot afford it better than the government does. We can do all of this and more for less money and reach more people, while at the same time stimulating the economy into real recovery.

In this Next American Revolution, we will carefully coordinate canvasing activities, act on great ideas from ordinary citizens, build a well equipped volunteer network, share our progress, solve challenges and inspire our friends, neighbors, acquaintances and people we don’t even know to volunteer, commit and make a difference. Our volunteers will confront the issues head on in our neighborhoods, companies and schools in small groups of 6 or less. We will recruit other small groups, one by one, to gradually build an unstoppable movement that will take our nation by storm. Imagine seeing large groups of revolutionaries and patriots reaching out and working in our neighborhoods and schools day after day, night after night, week in and week out to cure America. Imagine seeing half or more of our homes, businesses and dormitories  visibly supporting the cause with symbols of freedom, courageous charity and trust in God to restore our republic. Imagine our churches, civic organizations, businesses, students and millions of everyday Americans working feverishly to save America. We the People are the new elite political class, an elite of all.

We have a transformation infrastructure in place today that, although crumbling and in decline, can be used as the foundation upon which to build our movement and craft innovative solutions designed to replace all types of large government programs. Until we start doing so, the average American will believe that only the government can help the poor, shield us from greed, protect our environment, educate our children, establish moral norms and care for the elderly. Unless We The People change, the end result is just around the corner – the financial collapse of the United States of America.

The sad state of our nation is caused directly by the fact that you and I fail to act. The government’s corruption and irresponsibility is simply a mirror of us collectively and as individuals. Let’s face it, our government is run primarily by polls. Until We the People change dramatically and make our power and presence known, we cannot rationally expect the government to change. We fail to learn, we fail to think, we fail to share and we fail to act. America as it sits today is our fault. We have surrendered our nation, and only we, united as one nation, can take it back.

Educate the Masses

The first stage of the revolution is a great awakening. Unless the average American understands the dire financial, moral and political condition of the United States, people will continue to rest easy and assume that all is good. Left to be, this apathy will lead to severe financial distress and possibly collapse. While experts disagree on when and exactly how this will happen, it doesn’t take a PhD in economics to look at our numbers and know that disaster is just around the corner. Unless we get large numbers of good Americans off their sofas and out actively working and investing to save our nation, catastrophe is inevitable.

We cannot depend on mass media, the Internet and social networking tools alone to wake America up. We need to make our own big news and make it fast. The only way to seriously break the pattern of lies, deception and propaganda promoted by our so-called news channels is by working our neighborhoods door to door through our volunteer network and making a positive splash big enough that the mainstream news outlets can’t help but notice and report. Our volunteers will be equipped with kits that include important factual materials, persuasive essays and a recruiting package. The arguments will be so persuasive that only those extremely brainwashed by our government and its agents will refuse to believe. Click here to learn more…

Leverage Local Charity

We have succumbed to the notion that the government is the caretaker of our people and the great safety net by which no individual or family will suffer harm or want. While this is a wonderful ideal in a sense, the notion is self defeating because it’s upon this platform that the government justifies all kinds of irresponsible  spending and unconstitutional control. It is our God given right to be completely responsible for ourselves and for each other. It is the principle which has made our nation great and the core principle that will save our nation and restore our dignity, pride and prosperity.

We the People will replace government funded social programs with local privately managed ones. We will convince Americans to stand up and not only volunteer our time, but also to support the revolution financially. We will build high quality, efficient programs to replace wasteful ones of questionable effectiveness. We will actively seek out those in need and those reliant on government subsidies and programs to surrender their reliance on government support and instead rely on We the People to help them recover from personal or family crises and build a better life.

We the People must realize that standard of living is multi-dimensional and not measured only by the size of our bank accounts, investment portfolios and homes. Imagine how fulfilling it will be to personally make a difference in individual lives and families while at the same time releasing Americans from the bondage of government subsidies and control. Imagine harnessing the power of underprivileged American citizens oppressed by government subsidies as they join us and enjoy the pride working hand in hand to fix America.

In order for this to work, we will need some legislative change. No more 25 cents on the dollar tax credits for charitable donations. For every dollar that we use to replace government program funding, we expect every dollar returned to the individuals that made it happen in the form of 100% tax credit. With this approach, we can virtually eliminate welfare as we know it today, government subsidized food and health care programs – just about every place where the government really doesn’t belong. One for one, dollar for dollar. This is fair after all, isn’t it?

As we start to shrink our government over time, our politicians will quickly realize that they are losing power and don’t have enough money left over to fund outrageously wasteful and completely unnecessary programs. Of course, they will want to raise our taxes and restrict our freedom even more to compensate, but we will resist by replacing spend-happy career politicians with those who believe in self-government and the power of the individual over the power of the state.

This is a big vision, seemingly unattainable. How can we possibly convince wealthy and average Americans to pledge their fortunes to save the country? How do we convince career power hungry politicians to give us back control of taking care of each other. To understand this, you’ll need to keep reading. Click here to learn more…

Community Power

Working alone and as individuals, we can win small victories. Of this, there is no question. But it will take literally millions of Americans working tirelessly in communities and companies all across America 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People will listen to people that they know and trust and will hold each other accountable for both action and outcome. This can only be accomplished at the community level. There is no national organization, no matter how well funded, that will be able to effect such an enormous shift in social programs. Such an organization could differ from government programs for sure to some degree, but would not be able to quickly build momentum and sustain support when things get tough.

Most of our communities have ceased to function as communities. Many of our neighbors are transient since they change jobs more frequently than 50 years ago, relocate and move up to bigger houses in more affluent neighborhoods. Increasingly, people have increasingly tended to live more private lives as television and social networks provide the gratification once enjoyed by sitting down for dinner with your neighbor or enjoying a social gathering in your neighborhood. Imagine instead, a significant percentage of your neighborhood as volunteers for the revolution, working feverishly together day in and out to save our nation by serving others in lieu of he government. Rallying around a common cause, we will together enjoy the excitement and suffer setbacks. But at least we will be together in a way more profound and meaningful than anything in recent history – neighbor to neighbor, looking out for each other and the community at large. Should the nation begin to collapse in the meantime, we will still have each other, better equipped to help and support each other than ever before.

We’ll quickly establish the sound and look of the revolution with daily local freedom marches and larger weekly marches. You’ll see our posters prominently displayed in local businesses, outside shopping stores, on utility poles and along side political placards. We’ll share enlistee lists, establish attainable local goals that demonstrate the power of our revolution and track and share our progress carefully through both traditional means and social media. Over time, we’ll develop sophisticated web and mobile applications that will help communities quickly build, plan and mobilize all of our resources. Click here to learn more…

Revitalize Crumbling Institutions

Community activism of the scale required to overcome the cancerous government tyranny from which we currently suffer requires strong local coordination and an infrastructure capable of supporting execution of the details. Our American religious institutions, although in decline, are an ideal partner for achieving both strategic and tactical victories. Even though most institutions are affiliated with a centrally managed denomination, most of the social programs that they run are locally conceptualized, governed and administered. Christian churches are under the mandate of charity, forgiveness and self denial based on the core message of Jesus. Jewish people live under Torah – God’s law for protecting others and glorifying His name.

Imagine our Revolution unleashing the charitable power lying dormant in today’s declining churches. Imagine people of all ages, creeds and denominations working together to take back our nation by serving those in need and eliminating the need for the government to be involved where it doesn’t belong. By bringing God back into the underlying spirit of America, we’ll help everyone understand that circumstances don’t dictate the quality of our lives, that the government is not a god and that true freedom can only be experienced when we stop living primarily for ourselves. Click here to learn more…

Pledge Our Fortunes

We certainly need those most fortunate financially to help lead The Revolution. Part of our mission is to get everyone to realize that whatever physical fortune we may hold today is at tremendous risk of huge decline or even elimination unless we can free ourselves from the grip of the financial overreach of our governments.

We the People need to rethink our financial investment strategies. There is nothing wrong with investment strategies that grow our retirement accounts and portfolios. This is good for both individuals and for national economic growth. But given the dire situation in which we find ourselves as a nation, we need to rebalance our portfolios with investments in charity as a risk reduction strategy to preserve the value of our personal wealth. We either pledge at least some of our fortunes to break the government stronghold, or we risk losing everything to financial collapse. Shouldn’t at least sound financial strategy dictate this?

But we must be convinced that our investments will produce the desired result. We must make absolutely certain that for every dollar of entitlement and education expense reduction, we get every dollar back and shrink the government by a dollar. We can and will make this happen. And when we do so, we’ll produce superior results for a fraction of the price, and have plenty left over to stimulate the economy on a sustained basis and raise those in poverty up to a more promising financial future. Click here to learn more…

Responsible Communication

Underlying the great American apathy today is a denial of the truth. Mass media has made it awfully convenient to sit down at the television for 30 minutes or an hour and get our daily dose of filtered, repackaged, ideologically centered news. By exchanging personal fact finding, research and critical thinking for convenience and an artificial sense of community, we have compromised the truth. The average American believes the propaganda and biased reporting pushed forth from the average prime time cable news network show. For the most part, knowledge of and critical thinking about the implications of fact have been reduced to carefully selected ideologically aligned propaganda snippets that serve to increase the divide between those seemingly concerned most with social justice and those seemingly most concerned with freedom and financial prosperity.

Why has this happened? Underlying all of it is the belief that we can’t handle the truth and, to some extent, they are correct. As a nation, our skills in logic and argument formation have dramatically declined because they have been forced out of the classroom by teacher’s unions,  science bigots and atheists. Our army will insist upon responsible reporting and an uncompromising commitment to correcting errors in fact and argument as they happen. We will stand up to the media at every opportunity and enlighten America continuously with daily corrections. Click here to learn more…

Speak Honestly

Perhaps nothing has been more insidiously damaging to our nation as the notion and enforcement of political correctness. Used by governments and special interest groups to suppress free speech, independent thinking and ultimately the truth, political correctness is one of the favorite weapons of those bent on continuing the destruction of America. The government uses it to subtly implement social change, sometimes even for noble causes. Unfortunately, each twist of the political correctness knob robs us of freedom and corrupts the foundations of truth in our culture.

As part of the Next American Revolution, we will speak plainly, freely and truthfully. Even when someone chooses to be offended by the truth, we cannot let it stop us from fulfilling our moral obligations and the cause of The Revolution. Click here to learn more…

Dismantle Government Run Education

 One of the most serious challenges facing America is the state of our education system. Expensive, overtly socialist and out of control, the current system is polluting our youth from primary school through college with propaganda designed to properly prepare them for integration into a wildly liberal culture. Controlled primarily by liberal teacher unions with communist agendas, the Taj Majals called our public school system offer an extremely unbalanced curriculum designed to make either science, government programs or both our new god. Socialist agendas are actively promoted against our will from the first grade onward and they are hell bent on replacing parents and the family as the primary influence on our children.

Institutions of higher learning, fueled by a virtually unlimited amount of federal money for borrow by parents and students victimized by the scheme, spend money in a manner vaguely similar to patterns we see with the federal government. Resort-like campuses, wasteful programs not really relevant to the core educational benefit of the student population grow year after year. And because those running the educational system are predominantly of liberal mindset, the socialist propaganda nonsense started in the first grade continues through the student’s final $200,000 of their education.

The answer to our public schools is simple, but hard for most Americans to accept. We must immediately begin to remove our students from primary and secondary schools run by the government. Private schools, Christian schools and home schooling offer us the ability to balance the curriculum, teach our children to think critically and allow parents to regain control of their children’s lives. The Next American Revolution is committed to providing resources, guidance and financial assistance to help parents make this important decision and to support those parents offering home schooling services. With enough movement caused by choices made by smart parents, we can disempower the government’s schools in whole or part and return tax dollars wasted on extravagance and ever rising unreasonable teacher salaries to We the People.

The answer to the higher education problem is also simple, but challenging to implement. America needs to establish a large network of free or almost free virtual colleges, universities and seminaries. Several have already been launched, and more are on the way – but we need to dramatically pick up the pace. Imagine an America where every high school graduate who wants one can obtain a high quality college education for the cost of a computer and an Internet connection. Imagine an America where college graduates can enter the work force debt free, released from the chains of bondage to the federal government caused by loans that will take years, if not decades to repay. Imagine an educational system that encourages students to study truth and study in a way that prepares them to immediately be productive in their field of study. Away with academia’s accreditation system and bring on practical and core critical thinking skills! We can do this. Click here to learn more…

Programs for Prosperity

The federal government and the mass media has duped us into thinking that we are in the midst of a real financial recovery. They cite unemployment rates at 5.6% of so. And while the economy has been creating some jobs and the stock market value has recovered, the real numbers that most of the media are failing to communicate are actually quite dismal. Real unemployment, taking into account those who are no longer looking for employment, is at nearly 16%. In terms of job creation, we are over 12 million jobs behind compared to the severe 1981 recession and 3.9 million behind the 2001 recession. The average American income has dropped by roughly 10% over the last 9 years, and real purchasing power has not changed since the 1970s. Underprivileged segments of our society, frustrated by the lack of opportunity, feelings of powerlessness and perceived prejudice, turn to violence or simply surrender to hopeless despair.  All of this is ironically fueled by the borrowing of trillions of dollars by the federal government every year that we will probably never be able to repay if our current course continues.

The reasons that we are not prospering are actually quite simple:

  1. Too much of the economy is spent on wasteful, counterproductive entitlement programs that the government can no longer afford
  2. The amount of taxation required to support wild government spending sprees is too high and can never match the government’s need to spend
  3. High taxes constrain growth
  4. Over $500 billion every year is spent on interest on the federal debt alone – and growing!
  5. The vast majority of our politicians really don’t care about what this spending spree has done to our nation today and our children’s futures
  6. US corporations are run by the CFO office. This causes a maniacal focus on financial metrics at the expense of vision, corporate culture and people..
  7. Accordingly, we have shipped a high percentage of our good middle class jobs oversees and sold our economic base to China and emerging economies. Realizing the American dream is now virtually impossible for the average American.

The only solution to imminent financial collapse is to dramatically reduce the size and scope of federal, state and local governments. This will require private citizens and companies to directly take responsibility for the condition of the underprivileged and for the state of our economy. This can only happen at the scale required when we convince the government to provide 100% tax credit for relieving the government of its current entitlement programs. Once we make this happen, there is no reason that you, I, small business x or corporation y wouldn’t be willing to take local responsibility for removing individuals and families from government entitlement programs and creating real opportunity where it doesn’t exist today.

Imagine the ability to create tax-free living zones for the underprivileged, or small businesses that can profitably make clothing, food products, etc. – yes even manufactured items once again – because we have been freed from the tax burden and government overreach that hinders growth today. Imagine privatizing government housing and establishing private free market incentives that allow the underprivileged to dream of ownership because we have unleashed a good percentage of our GDP to fuel small business growth. Imagine upward mobility and real opportunity for all once again.

Our revolution will also mandate balanced budgets, no more borrowing and serious debt reduction and payback year after year. Our children, grandchildren and the future of our nation demand no less. While we can’t possibly envision all of the answers today, freeing up vast amounts of capital focused on unleashing of the power of personal responsibility and creativity will lead to increasingly creative solutions to our crisis. Doesn’t it make sense that millions of Americans, self-funded to solve our core problems, can do a much better job than a few hundred career politicians in Washington, lobbied and controlled by powerful special interest groups day after day, week after week, year after year? Click here to learn more…

Protect Ourselves

We cannot have confidence that our government will protect us from radical Islamic terrorists and other enemies. Our borders have been open for many years, allowing individuals and groups of unknown origin and background to get comfortable and settle into the United States. The recent tragedy in Paris on November 13, 2015 should provide ample evidence that it only takes a few handfuls of individuals to inflict untold terror, damage and loss of life. Chances are that there are large numbers of terror cells already in place and ready to execute their mission.

The federal government currently has little interest in prosecuting ISIS and other terrorist organizations in and from the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been driven out of the Middle East, and I can assure you that terrorists are intermingled with the tens of thousands of refuges allowed to freely flow across the borders of many nations. Since we cannot rely on our governments and police forces to protect us against the next rounds of terror awaiting us in the United States, we must arm ourselves and be prepared to protect ourselves and our families against terrorist threats and local crime. Click here to learn more…

Control the Political Process

America does not really have a two party system anymore. We have one party with two slightly different approaches for achieving the same goal – bigger government and increasing control of the mindset and pocketbooks of the populace through federally controlled social programs. America is no longer a loosely aligned federation of independent states, we are now one nation under the control of a single party with virtually unlimited power and broad socialist agendas. This, of course, is the definition of communism.

Old boy networks and those with the most money and influence control the agendas and platform candidates. Corruption poisons the process at virtually every turn. But we can easily turn this around – if we believe that we can change who we are as a nation, regain control of the political process and are willing to stand up to those in control of our parties today.

We’ll start by creating a ‘gold standard’ on issues required for America’s survival, and then publish and widely distribute scorecards that report where each party and candidate stand on these issues. We’ll convince local party leadership to allow brave candidates that are willing to tackle our tough issues to have a chance. Failing that, we’ll supply and support independent candidates that will fight for the future of every American, and we’ll execute an election ground war to ensure these candidates get elected, the likes of which this nation has never seen.

We’ll blitz our neighborhoods with truth, clarity and charity. We’ll spread the truth about each incumbent and candidate with one revolutionary or patriot covering every 25 households. We’ll enroll every activist group that supports taking control of our nation again, but only through peaceful, lawful and legitimate means. Our movement will strangle the socialist cancer and greed killing our nation with the time-honored God-given principles that once made our nation great – and will make it great again. Click here to learn more…

What Can You Do?

Ask John Kennedy stated during his Presidential inaugural address “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Now, more than ever, America needs you. She needs your time, your money and, most of all, your love and passion. This is a new kind of war – a non-violent civil war of world views and ideologies fought in the information age against an unethical irresponsible government more powerful than anything the world has ever seen.

It’s a war for the minds of our children and the next generation of leaders of our nation. It’s a war for your freedom and your soul, a war for the very definition of who we are as people and as a nation. Are we willing to personally defend and help the poor and underprivileged? Will we fight with all of our might to control our own destiny, and not be content leaving it in the hands of a few hundred career politicians in Washington. Will we fight the evils of unending government control, overspending and ‘social transformation’ with our our free time, our reputations, our very lives and fortunes?

Do we really believe that We the People rule our nation? If so, then let’s rule! Get up off your sofa, stop taking political sides and watching the collapse of our country from the stands and get out there, make a real difference in your neighborhood, school or company and fight with us for all that it’s worth! Some will call us radicals, others unrealistic dreamers and still others libertarians, capitalist pigs or fear mongers. What we are called matters not. The only thing that matters right now is urgent action that proves that We the People can once again rule ourselves and restore the dignity and future of each and every American citizen!

Join our movement, become a patriot, dream a new America, care for each other, fight the good fight, keep the faith.

We support only fully lawful means to accomplish our objectives and do not support, condone or promote the use of violence or force to challenge, disrupt or overthrow any government, government agency or their agents.

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