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Fact Sheet

Key Facts and Figures as of September 30, 2015:

Item Amount
US Federal Debt $18.4 trillion
US Federal spending in 2015 $3.7 trillion
US Federal tax revenue in 2015 $3.2 trillion
US Federal budget deficit, 2015 $500 billion
US Federal debt per US citizen  $57,197
US Federal debt per US taxpayer  $154,587
Average annual tax revenue per citizen  $9,874
Years of double taxation to pay down only the current Federal debt 15.7
US total debt (household, business, state, local and federal governments, financial institutions) $65.2 trillion
US total debt per citizen  $202,742
US total debt per family  $800,869
Average savings per US family  $7,820
Average US household income (per US Census Bureau)  $51,939
Years to pay down total debt if the households spent money on nothing else 15.42
Unfunded social security liabilities $14.3 trillion
Unfunded Medicaire liabilities $27.6 trillion
Total federal unfunded liabilities (includes federal pensions, veteran benefits, etc.) $97.7 trillion
Federal unfunded liabilities per taxpayer  $821,055
Number of Americans living in poverty  43,730,903
Number of Americans receiving food stamps  45,317,497
Total Americans receiving federal assistance  160,229,539
US population  321,817,222
% of Americans receiving federal assistance 50%

Primary Source: US Debt Clock

If these numbers don’t scare you into immediate action, what will?

Sample Canvassing Interview Flow

  1. Our names, where we live, who and we might know jointly
  2. We are here to talk about a serious issue affecting you and your family’s future.
  3. How do you think things are going with the US?
  4. What do you think is the #1 danger to the US?
  5. Present fact sheet and explain the key figures
  6. Present the “What this means for you” sheet
  7. Ask for ideas that solve the problem and record answers
  8. Introduce the revolution and show the ‘Join the Revolution” sheet
  9. Explain that we do not represent any political party or idology. All are welcome.
  10. Discuss levels of participation (revolutionary army, patriot).
  11. Show the volunteer form and ask for immediate commitment, or a call back date.

Canvassing Kit

Click here to download the current canvassing kit. It contains:

  • A flyer suitable for initial discussions, including a printable version of the Fact Sheet.

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