“How soon we forget history. Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” (George Washington)

America is burning to the ground. Our federal debt is over $18.5 trillion – that’s 1.5 times our total annual gross domestic product and a price tag of over $156,000 for every taxpayer in America. The interest alone costs the taxpayers over $500 billion each year! Social Security is on the brink of insolvency and the bureaucrats in Washington keep adding more and more debt without ever offering a solution. Many of our 50 states and large cities are also technically bankrupt – without a solution.

Insatiable greed has led to over $2 trillion in personal debt. The federal government owns more than 98% of our home mortgages and the cost of college tuition rises disproportionately to the inflation rate. The Fed has bought back a substantial amount of our debt, continuing the downward spiral of the US dollar. Real unemployment is at an all-time high, and nearly 50% of the nation depends on the federal government for assistance.

Worse, we have lost the American spirit. Americans were once a nation truly under God, working together in our neighborhoods to look out for each other, emptying our pockets to help those in need. Today, the solid moral foundation upon which America was built has been replaced with relative morality which is, in essence, no morality at all. Post-Enlightenment materialism poses absurd arguments against God and against sound thinking. Our educational system only reinforces the notion that the government has all the answers and will solve all of our problems.

Time is running out. Unless we act quickly, the situation will be unrecoverable. Attempts to recover our nation such as the Tea Party and other movements have done little to alter the suicidal course that our nation is on. As you will learn from the articles and resources from this site, the America problem has no political solution today. We have rejected the Republic of the United States of America and replaced it with the Democratic Communist States of America. Only the restoration of The Republic can save our great nation, and The Republic can only be restored if you and I change.

We need revolution now! The federal government is truly a mirror of our society at large. The insidious creep of political correctness has silenced the mouths of both reason and dissidence. The only solution is radical change that restores the moral principles that enabled our republic to function as a republic. This change can only occur when people have a radical change of heart – a deep change in the way that we feel about each other, work with each other and care for each other. Only with a radical change in the way that we think and judge arguments and history as true or false can America begin to see how desperate things really are, and what is required to rescue the nation. But the next American Revolution will be unlike the first one. This revolution needs to be bloodless, non-violent, orderly and law abiding. The last thing America needs right now is more violence, anarchy and even a premature collapse of our fragile economic system.

The Next American Revolution is starting in your neighborhood. Caring neighbors will be calling on you to help you better understand how critical the situation really is, what the options are for recovery and to enlist your help as a fellow patriot and revolutionary. The Next American Revolution movement does not endorse any political party, religious denomination or philosophical school of thought. We are pragmatists, focused only on rapidly waking up America to the impending doom and doing what is required individually to quickly make the difference.

Join us. Be bold. Dedicate your life and your fortunes to preserve the freedom that we have enjoyed for future generations. In this case, it is only by pledging our current fortunes that these fortunes will be worth anything in the future anyway. Be a patriot! Join The Revolution today…

Start by reading the essay “Barbarians in Suits” by Joe Kaczmarek. Challenge the underlying principles of this work, propose other ideas, but most of all – start working in your neighborhood for change – sooner rather than later.

We support only fully lawful means to accomplish our objectives and do not support, condone or promote the use of violence or force to challenge, disrupt or overthrow any government, government agency or their agents.

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