“How soon we forget history. Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” (George Washington)

America is burning to the ground. Our federal debt is over $19 trillion – that’s 1.5 times our total annual gross domestic product and a price tag of over $156,000 for every taxpayer in America. The interest alone costs the taxpayers over $500 billion each year! Social Security is on the brink of insolvency and the bureaucrats in Washington keep adding more and more debt without ever offering a solution. Many of our 50 states and large cities are also technically bankrupt – without a solution.

The federal government owns more than 98% of our home mortgages and the cost of college tuition rises disproportionately to the inflation rate. The Fed has bought back a substantial amount of our debt, continuing the downward spiral of the US dollar. Real unemployment is at an all-time high, and nearly 50% of the nation depends on the federal government for assistance.

Time is running out. Unless we act quickly, the situation will be unrecoverable. Attempts to recover our nation such as the Tea Party and other movements have done little to alter the suicidal course that our nation is on. The vast majority of Americans are either unaware of the crisis and its implications OR don’t care enough to do anything OR don’t care at all.

Why not take all the money from ‘rich’ people and use that to pay down the debt? Answer: If the IRS grabbed 100 percent of annual personal income over those who make more than $1 million annually, the take would be just $616 billion. That’s barely enough to cover this year’s projected deficit. The nearly $20 trillion in debt remains … and grows…

We need revolution now! Unfortunately, our politicians are not motivated to solve this crisis. The solution requires us to cut federal spending on existing programs and avoid the temptation to implement new programs – regardless of whether or not they happen to be good ideas. This is not a popular position and one that will cause discomfort for most Americans. The only answer is for We The People to take charge of our government once again and help our politicians understand that they work for us and not vice versa.

This will take revolution. The Next American Revolution, however, will be unlike the first one. This revolution will be bloodless, non-violent, orderly and law abiding. The last thing America needs right now is more violence, anarchy and even a premature collapse of our fragile economic system.

Why a Revolution? We believe that the irresponsible level of federal debt and unfunded liabilities is grossly immoral, and poses a clear and present danger to every American, our children and our grandchildren. We believe that unrestrained government spending, along with many of the challenging problems facing our nation, exist because the vast majority of Americans feel disconnected from the political process and powerless to effect change. We exist to provide every American with powerful tools for self government to restore political power that is rightfully ours.

We believe that the most profound change required is how Americans think about each other and our collective role in self-government. We believe that our governments work for and report to us each and every day, not just during re-election cycles. We will provide every American the power to be heard and to work directly in a meaningful way to change the balance of power in our political system. We recognize that providing for those truly in need is not the role of any government. Rather, responsibility lies with us as individuals and communities to create effective and sustainable charitable systems in place of wasteful government monstrosities.

Together, we will form an unstoppable movement that will hold each elected federal representative accountable for working with us to urgently solve the spending and debt crises. Together, we will provide for each other in a way more efficient and beneficial than any government ever could. In the process, we will restore the foundational principles which made America great in the first place.

What can I do to help? Relentless pressure from ordinary US citizens like you on on our elected federal representatives will result in a substantive planning action. The Next American Revolution currently has these programs underway:

  • Demand a Plan. A set of automated emails and structured follow-on actions for citizens to engage with their US Senators and Congressmen – asking for a specific plan to begin debt repayment in 2018. Includes state level and district level tracking metrics.
  • The People’s CongressA network of volunteers that closely follows and interacts daily with US Senators and Congressmen and their staff to build the debt repayment plan and pressure representatives for decisive action
  • The Charitable Contributions Reform ActAn effort to restructure the federal tax code to provide a 100% tax rebate for qualifying charitable contributions that reduce federal spend citizens (e.g. basic community health care, charity hospitals, food banks for the needy, jobs programs, etc.)
  • The Revolution Community Activity Kit. An effort to restructure the federal tax code to provide a 100% tax rebate for qualifying charitable contributions that reduce federal spend citizens (e.g. basic community health care, charity hospitals, food banks for the needy, jobs programs, etc.)
  • Visit our resources section. Here you’ll find tools to help you influence your legislators, organize activities within your community, connect with other organizations focused on the federal debt crisis and access our debt summary fact sheet.
  • Contribute your specialized skills. We currently need Americans with specialized skills to help ensure compliance with all applicable laws and tax codes, enhance our web presence, build and execute our social media strategy and communicate new and thoughtful insights into solving the federal debt crisis.

The Next American Revolution movement does not endorse any political party, religious denomination or philosophical school of thought. We are pragmatists, focused only on rapidly waking up America to the impending doom and doing what is required individually to quickly make the difference.

Join us. Be bold. Dedicate your life and your fortunes to preserve the freedom that we have enjoyed for future generations. In this case, it is only by pledging our current fortunes that these fortunes will be worth anything in the future anyway. Be a patriot! Join The Revolution today…

We support only fully lawful means to accomplish our objectives and do not support, condone or promote the use of violence or force to challenge, disrupt or overthrow any government, government agency or their agents.

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